Black Mold Removal



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Let’s face the facts, every type of mold spells danger for your home as well as your health, but some molds are more dangerous than others. This is the case with the black mold.

Black mold is a toxigenic mold that causes all sorts of allergic reactions in the body. Yes, when the mold spores of various types of mold begin to fly around your home, it can trigger these allergic reactions, but some cases are more severe than others, and this is the case with black mold.

It produces toxins that affect the health of those exposed to it, leading to difficulty breathing, pains, aches, and even other complications like chest tightness and even nose bleeding. It is even worse for children, making it necessary for you to take immediate action at once.

Black Mold Removal

What causes the growth of black mold?

Certain variables could cause the growth of black mold in your home, and they are:

  • Flooding: this can cause organic building materials like insulation and wood to get wet, leading to the possible growth of black mold.
  • Humidity: humidity leads to the buildup of excessive moisture in the home, and where there is excess humidity, the chances of mold growth are high.
  • Poor ventilation: when your home does not have the right level of ventilation, then the chances of mold growth are higher, especially when this is mixed with moisture and humidity.
  • Plumbing issues: whenever you have water leaks and other big plumbing problems, mostly for an extended period, the chances of toxic black mold growth are higher.
  • Foundation problems: basements and other underground foundation structures in the home are susceptible to water intrusion and other moisture-related conditions, leading to the growth of toxic black mold.

If you are experiencing black mold in Tacoma, Washington, you need a professional black mold removal company; you need Tacoma Mold Removal Co.

Black mold is a dark greenish or black-looking mold with a slimy texture and can thrive in wet conditions, which have remained that way for weeks. This black mold grows on numerous materials in our homes like wood and drywall. Once you notice the appearance of this black mold in your home, the chances that the mold spores are already flying around in your home is already high, which means that your home needs black mold treatment.

At Tacoma Mold Removal Co., we have a mold removal process that is next to none. Since black mold grows on certain surfaces like wood and drywall, which are porous, it is most likely that there would be a high level of difficulty just eliminating the black mold contamination leaving us with the option of either discarding the affected portion of the house or putting it up for black mold treatment.

While we work in the affected area, we use plastic barriers to prevent the spread of mold spores to other parts of the home. We also use other effective tools like the air scrubber and the negative pressure to force spores out of the home over to the outside environment, where it eventually dries up. Once we are done clearing the affected area of your home, we do a clearance test to make sure that no more spores are flying around in your home.

What do you do when you notice black mold in your home?

If you notice black mold in your home, you need to remove it at once. The first thing you need to do is schedule a mold inspection to inspect your home and check out the state of things.

Once the state of things has been determined, we move on with the black mold removal process, and knowing how to remove black mold; you can be sure of the best results in the end. Our black mold removal cost is budget-friendly, and this means you do not have to break the bank to make sure your home is safe once again. Give us a call today for a free estimate 253-766-5034.