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Another important part of the services we render at Tacoma Mold Removal Co. is mold testing, and this is where we get to take a sample of the mold you have in your home using our vast list of mold testing tools to understand what we are dealing with and the steps required to eliminate this mold from your home.

Although one of the most important factors in mold inspection and testing is an extensive understanding of mold and the experience with different types of mold, which we have, we also make use of industry-tested tools to reach a detailed conclusion when conducting a mold test.

These cutting-edge tools help us get to the bottom of the mold infection and the mold spores that might be affecting the indoor air quality of your home. The combination of experienced personnel and technology helps us understand what we are dealing with and the steps required to resolve the mold issues. Here are some of the tools we use in our mold testing process:

Mold Testing Tacoma

The Moisture meter

This is a device used for detecting moisture in different parts of your home. This detects the moisture in your building without the need to penetrate any part of your building.

The Infrared Camera

This is by far one of the most important tools in our mold testing arsenal. The infrared camera eliminates a lot of stress, leaving you to just scan the affected area for a moment. The camera would produce a thermogram of the infection with different heat signatures.

The Hygro-thermometer

This is a tool used to calculate the relative humidity of your home by simultaneously measuring the air and moisture content of the affected area. Places with higher humidity levels have a higher chance of mold infections, which comes in handy.

The particle scanner

This tool is used for testing air quality by accessing the number of particles in the air. It tests for particle sizes around 5 to 20 microns. The higher the particle sizes, the higher the chances of mold spores infecting the air in your home.

Air samplers

This is an air sampling pump used for testing the air in your home for the presence of mold spores and fungi, and other common contaminants.

Instant Swabs and Tape Lifts

These are ways to instantly test mold samples in your home and determine the type of mold infecting your home.

The Smoke Pen

This is a testing tool that emits dense smoke, which reacts to mold. This smoke reacts to even the smallest draft of mold, which makes it easy to track the source of the mold in the first place. The smoke pen also helps to detect heat loss due to leaking ventilation as well. The emitted smoke is completely safe, so if ingested, it does not have any adverse effects on your body and overall health.  We use the smoke pen strategically based on our experience to help capture and eventually eliminate mold from your home.

There are many other mold testing equipment used interchangeably for our mold testing, all of which help us get to the root of the mold infection in your home. When conducting our mold testing in Tacoma, Washington, our professionals are always fitted with the best personal protective equipment – non-negotiable – to help prevent infection of our workers and the spreading of mold to other unaffected areas of your home.

There are numerous mold testing companies in Tacoma, Washington but Tacoma Mold Removal Co. stands out from the rest.  We are experts in testing for mold, and we have the personnel, the tools, and the experience to get you results.

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Do you need mold testing for your home in Tacoma, Washington; then look no further than Tacoma Mold Removal Co. We service the mold testing needs of residents across Tacoma, Washington, and we can also be of service to you.  Our mold testing cost is budget-friendly, even though you will be getting the best of professional mold testing. Call today for a free estimate at 253-766-5034.